Breeding Success for the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria

Some inspiring news has originated from Bulgaria where new data has shown that a pair of captive-bred Saker Falcons released into the wild have been breeding. The Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre, based in central Bulgaria, has been addressing the long-term decline in Saker Falcon populations with a breeding and reintroduction programme.

01 August 2021

Eurasian eagle owl diet reveals new records of threatened giant bush-crickets

Bird diets provide a real treasure for research into the distribution and cons

05 January 2021

Birdwatch: the merlin – my best ever view of our smallest falcon

I had resigned myself to brief glimpses but he landed, and lingered, nearby. 

09 December 2020

Europas Vögel brüten immer weiter im Norden

Die Erderwärmung zwingt Brutvögel in andere Regionen.

04 December 2020

Atlas reveals birds pushed further north amid climate crisis

Data from 120,000 birdwatchers in 48 countries shows forest birds have expande

03 December 2020

«Les éoliennes sont un scandale environnemental stupéfiant»

Les éoliennes sont un gouffre financier et un désastre écologique, analyse Jea

16 November 2020

Poisoning of Peregrine Falcons in North Yorkshire sparks police appeal

Pigeon believed to have been used as poisoned bait in area with ’diabolical reputat

24 Octobre 2020

Dans l’Union européenne, plus de la moitié des oiseaux sauvages en mauvais état de conservation

Selon le rapport sur l’état de la nature de l’UE, publié lundi 19 octobre, l’a

20 Octobre 2020

Kaliakra: a showcase of environmental illiteracy in Bulgaria

Kaliakra is probably the most beautiful Black Sea cape of Bulgaria.

19 Octobre 2020