2015/004: Nouveau Signataire du MdE Rapaces du PNUE/CMS

Le Secrétariat de la Convention sur la Conservation des espèces migratrices appartenant à la faune sauvage (CMS) dans sa capacité de dépositaire du Mémorandum d’Entente sur la Conservation des

28 January 2015

2015/002: Deuxième Réunion du Groupe Consultatif Technique (TAG2) du MdE Rapaces

L’unité de coordination du Mémorandum d’Entente sur la Conservation des Oiseaux de Proie Migrateurs d’Afrique et d’Eurasie (MdE Rapaces) a le plaisir d’annoncer que la deuxième réunion du Groupe Co

09 January 2015

Falcon Hunters Become Fervent Preservationists

PANGTI, India — Driving the last 20 miles of road to this tiny village takes at least two hours and a fondness for heights, so it seems unlikely that this area of jungle near the

04 January 2015

Nagaland to protect world’s longest-distance migratory falcons

India’s northeastern state of Nagaland is determined to provide sanctuary to Amar falcons, known to be one of the world’s longest-distance migratory birds as they travel up to a st

27 Octobre 2014

Use of 'death' drug diclofenac reducing vulture population

JAIPUR: The 18th meeting of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) Scientific Council (SCC18) to be held in Germany this month has included the issue of use o

03 July 2014

Experts to Discuss Draft Conservation Plan to Reverse Decline in Saker Falcon Population

This article has been published in The National Newspaper UAE, on 10 June 2014.


11 June 2014

Russian bird atlas finally takes flight

When it comes to knowledge of bird populations, a large part of continental Europe is off the map.

26 May 2014

Asian migratory bird sanctuaries may soar as new eco-tourism haven

This World Migratory Bird Day, the United Nations launched an eco-tourism plan that promotes bird conservation and livelihood development, enabling globe-trotting tourists to become protectors of t

16 May 2014