Satellite-tagged Falcons reach Somalia from Manipur

The Amur falcons that left Manipur have already reached their second last dest

25 November 2020

Rid migratory birds’ flyways of hazards

Around the world, migratory birds provide immeasurable value to the environmen

12 Octobre 2020

Creating safe havens for vultures to thrive in southern Africa

Specifically, this project will catalyse the formation of a broad network of l

08 September 2020

South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe unite to save endangered vultures

Organisations within South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe have established a vu

07 September 2020

Kenya pledges to enhance conservation of vultures amid threats

Kenya will earmark sufficient resources to promote conservation of vultures am

05 September 2020

Sovereigns Of The Africa’s Skies Are Dying: The Unfolding Vulture Crisis

In this age of biodiversity crises, history has shown us that humans are the a

04 September 2020

Migratory birds under threat as their super highways blocked

Did you know birds have their own super highways? Migratory birds that fly between continents for breeding and feeding seasons every year follow exact routes known as the flyways.

26 August 2020

Guidelines on How to Avoid or Mitigate Impact of Electricity Power Grids on Migratory Birds in the African-Eurasian Region

CMS Technical Series No. 29
CMS Raptors MOU Technical Publication No. 3

These guidelines offer various technical and legislative approaches for avoiding or mitigating the impact of electrocution and collision of migratory birds across the African-Eurasian region as well as suggestions for assessing and monitoring the effectiveness of mitigation and preventive measures.

To minimise the effects of power lines on birds, each country should take the following steps:

12 August 2020