Sooty Falcon Working Group

The Sooty Falcon (Falco concolor) is a fast, highly agile bird of prey that feeds on small birds and insects captured in flight.  It is classified as 'Near Threatened' in the IUCN Red List and is listed in ‘Category 1’ (Globally and Near Threatened species) of the Raptors MOU, primarily due to suspected population declines.


However, information on the species’ ecology is fragmented and incomplete, particularly about the migration and wintering periods of its lifecycle. There is a pressing need to gather more accurate and comprehensive information on the Sooty Falcon, including about its global population status and the main threats causing its decline.


The Sooty Falcon Working Group is being established to:


·         Develop the International Single Species Action Plan (ISSAP) for this priority species;

·         Establish and maintain an accessible library of papers and other information on Sooties;

·         Coordinate and facilitate research, monitoring and conservation actions for the species; and

·         Promote the future implementation of the Action Plan.


CMS Instrument: 


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Last updated on 20 September 2016