Wildlife members spread awareness as Amur Falcons return to Tamenglong

The locals have spotted the arrival of a few since Saturday, while the radio tagged "Chiulon" Amur Falcon has reached near Xuzhou city and "Irang" near Linyi city of China as on October 7, accordin

11 Octubre 2020

Sheikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme marks its 25th Year with new milestone

The Sheikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme, SZFRP, has announced that 76 falcons have been released into the wild this year, taking the total to more than 2,000 since the programme was first launche

24 August 2020

‘Why I spent my life saving the Blakiston’s fish owl’

Jonathan Slaght has devoted decades to preserving the largest owl species in t

02 August 2020

Peregrine Falcons and other Raptors being Brutally Killed by Pigeon-fanciers in Punjab

Pigeon-fancying is a popular hobby for many around India. Across the world, raptors are viewed as a threat to the pigeons kept by pigeon-fanciers.

22 May 2020

Vultures in Bundelkhand rise, but stray cattle and other concerns persist

Vulture population in Bundelkhand has seen a 103% rise in the past decade.

13 April 2020

Blueprint for the Recovery of South Asia's Critically Endangered Gyps Vultures (SAVE Blueprint)

Twenty years ago there were tens of millions of vultures in the Indian subcontinent. They provided a valuable ecosystem service by disposing of millions of tonnes of waste carrion from dead cattle each year. Now they, and the services they provided, are nearly all gone.
27 April 2020

Where Eagle Feathers Fall Like Snow

On a Saturday in November, a small group of boys in matching royal blue shirts, the uniform of the Scouts of Lebanon, gathered beside their “hide-out”: a small pine forest on the edge of town.

06 January 2020

CMS Office - Abu Dhabi : A Decade of Achievements

We Need Vultures and They Need Us: Urgent International Action to Save Vultures 

18 December 2019

Migratory birds off to their seasonal homes

It’s September and migratory birds make their yearly journey to their seasonal home. Let’s welcome our winged guests with a promise to save them from plastic...

05 Octubre 2019