4th Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group to the Raptors MOU (TAG4)

The location on the map is approximate!

The Fourth Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group to the Raptors MOU (TAG4) will be held virtually on 13-15 December 2021. The meeting documentation is posted on this page. 

For additional information on the meeting, please contact Dr Umberto Gallo-Orsi: [email protected] and Ms. Sofi Hinchliffe: [email protected].

CMS Res.10.11 (Rev.COP13)   Power Lines and Migratory Birds
CMS Res.11.15 (Rev.COP13)   Preventing Poisoning of Migratory Birds 
CMS Res.11.16 (Rev.COP13)   Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds 
CMS Res.11.18 (Rev.COP12)   Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) Global Action Plan
CMS Res.11.27 (Rev.COP13)   Renewable Energy and Migratory Species
CMS Res.12.10   Conservation of African-Eurasian Vultures
CMS Res.12.11 (Rev.COP13)   Flyways
CMS Res.12.21   Climate Change and Migratory Species
CMS Res.12.27   Taxonomy and Nomenclature
CMS Res.12.28 (Rev.COP13)    Concerted Actions
CMS Res.13.7   Guidelines for Preparing and Assessing Proposals for the Amendment of CMS Appendices




13 Dec 2021 13:00 to 15 Dec 2021 16:00
OrganizadorCoordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU
Instrumento de la CMSBirds of Prey (Raptors)
TipoTechnical Meeting

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Número Título Archivos
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.2.1 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.2.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.3.1 Review of Actions from the Third Meeting of TAG
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.3.2 Report from the Coordinating Unit
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.3.3 Report from the CMS Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.3.5 Report on implementation of the SakerGAP
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.3.6 Report on Implementation of the Vulture MsAP
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.4 Raptor Conservation Strategies
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.5 Status of TAG Membership
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.1 Review of the TAG Workplan 2016-2020
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.2a Proposed Amendments to the MOU and Action Plan
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc. 6.2b Proposed Amendments to the List of Species
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.2c Amendments to the List of Sites
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.3 Raptor Safe Zones
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.4 Site Network Pilot Analysis
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.5 Conservation Status Assessment Report Concept
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.6 National and Cooperating Partner Reporting
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Doc.6.7 Raptor Conservation and Management Issues: Horizon Scanning
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UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.1 Agenda Item 1
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.2 Agenda Item 3.1
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.3 Agenda Item 3.2
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.4 Agenda Item 3.3
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.5 Agenda Item 3.4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.6 Agenda Item 3.4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.7 Agenda Item 3.4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.8 Agenda Item 3.4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.9 Agenda Item 3.5
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.10 Agenda Item 3.6
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.11 Agenda Item 4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.12 Agenda Item 4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.13 Agenda Item 4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.14 Agenda Item 4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.15 Agenda Item 4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.16 Agenda Item 5
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.17 Agenda Item 6.2
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.18 Agenda Item 6.2.1
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.19 Agenda Item 6.2.2
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.20 Agenda Item 6.2.3
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.26 Agenda Item 6.7
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.27 Agenda Item 6.7
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.28 Agenda Item 6.1 & 6.8
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.21 Agenda Item 6.3
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.22 Agenda Item 6.4
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.23 Agenda Item 6.5
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.24 Agenda Item 6.6
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Pres.25 Agenda Item 6.7
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Número Título Archivos
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Inf.1 Provisional List of Participants
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Inf.2 Terms of Reference for the Technical Advisory Group
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Inf.3 Review of the CMS Raptors MOU Action Plan – Executive Summary
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Inf.4 Guidelines for Preparing National or Regional Raptor Conservation and Management Strategies
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/inf.5 Supporting information on Annex 1 species
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Inf.6 Excel version of the sites list (TAG4/Doc6.2c_Annex C)
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG4/Inf.7 Site proposal form for Signatories
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/mos2/Report/Annex1_e Rules of Procedure for Meetings of Signatories to the Raptors MOU as adopted at MOS2
UNEP/CMS/Raptors /TAG3/Inf.3 Establishment of the Technical Advisory Group
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG3/Inf.4 Intersessional nomination of a TAG Regional Representative for Asia
UNEP/CMS/Raptors/TAG3/Doc.4.3a Horizon Scanning (TAG3)