Multi-species Action Plan to Conserve African-Eurasian Vultures (Vulture MsAP) (CMS TS No. 35)


Multi-species Action Plan to Conserve African-Eurasian Vultures (Vulture MsAP)

CMS Technical Series No.35

CMS Raptors MOU Technical Publication No.5

Vultures are a distinctive and important components of biodiversity. They also provide critical ecosystem services by cleaning up carcasses and other organic waste in the environment, which has huge ramifications in preventing the spread of diseases in both wild and domestic animals, and pathogenic risks to humans.

The IUCN Red List status of African-Eurasian vultures has seen drastic changes for the worse in recent years. The main reason for this is major population declines of these species driven by poisoning, both intentional and otherwise. Several other threats have also been identified.

The Vulture MsAP provides a comprehensive, strategic conservation plan covering the geographic ranges (128 states) of all 15 species of migratory African-Eurasian vultures and promotes concerted, collaborative and coordinated international actions. The aim is to rapidly halt current population declines. This includes bringing the conservation status of each species back to a favourable level and providing conservation management guidelines applicable to all Range States.

The Vulture MsAP is a result of extensive consultation with Range States, stakeholders, conservation specialists and species experts. 

The following action plans are annexed to the Vulture MsAP as key components: Egyptian Vulture Flyway Action Plan (EVFAP) included as Annex 4; Cinereous Vulture Flyway Action Plan (CVFAP) as Annex 5; and A Blueprint for the Recovery of South Asia's Critically Endangered Gyps Vultures (SAVE Blueprint) as Annex 6.

Summary documents are available in English, French and Spanish (below).

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Author(s)Botha A. J.
Andevski J.
Bowden C. G. R.
Gudka M.
Safford R. J.
Tavares J.
Williams N. P.
Published DateNovember 2017
Publication LanguageEnglish
PublisherCoordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU
TypeTechnical Series
CMS InstrumentBirds of Prey (Raptors), CMS