First Meeting of the Signatories

The location on the map is approximate!
20 Nov 2011
OrganizadorCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
Instrumento de la CMSBukhara Deer

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Número Título Archivos
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.1/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda (as at 7 October 2011)
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda (as at 7 October 2011)
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.3/Rev.2 Provisional List of Documents (as at 13 October 2011)
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.4 Provisional Rules of Procedure
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.5 Report of the Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.6 Overview Report
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.7/Rev.1 Expanding the Geographical Scope of the MoU
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.8 Review of Action Plan
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.9 Format for Reporting on Implementation of the MoU
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.10/Rev.1 Draft National Report Format
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Doc.11 Draft National Contact Point Form
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Número Título Archivos
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.1 MoU Text
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.2 MoU Action Plan
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.3 Status of Signatures to the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Conservation and Restoration of the Bukhara Deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus)
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.4 National Reports from Signatories
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.4.1 National Report from Tajikistan
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.4.2 National Report from Uzbekistan
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.4.3 National Report from Kazakhstan
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.5 Reports from Cooperating Organisations
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.5.1 Reports from Cooperating Organisations: WWF CA
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.6 Provisional List of National Contact Points
UNEP/CMS/BKD1/Inf.7 Report of the Workshop on the Implementation and Coordination of the Saiga Antelope MoU and other CMS Instruments for Migratory Ungulates in Kazakhstan, 17-18 February 2011, Astana, Kazakhstan