1st Meeting of Signatories to the Raptors MoU

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The First Meeting of Signatories (MOS1) to the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia (Raptors MOU) was held from 9 to 11 December 2012 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Please find all meeting documents below.

09 Dec 2012 to 11 Dec 2012
OrganizadorCoordinating Unit of the Raptors MoU
Instrumento de la CMSBirds of Prey (Raptors)
PaisUnited Arab Emirates
CiudadAbu Dhabi
LugarRotana Yas Island

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CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.3.1 Rev 1 Provisional Agenda
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.3.1 Annex I Key tasks and objectives of the 1st Meeting of Signatories to the Raptors MoU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.3.2 Rev 1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Schedule
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.4.Rev.2 Rules of Procedure
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.7 Admission of Observers
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.7 Annex I List of Observers for which permission to attend the meeting is requested
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.9 Report of the Interim Coordinating Unit
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.9 Annex I Guidance for National Contact Points of the Raptors MoU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.9 Annex II Contact Point Designation Form
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.9 Annex III List of Designated National Contact Points
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.9 Annex IV Summary of the main communications issued by the Interim Coordinating Unit
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.10 CMS COP10: Outcomes Relevant to the Raptors MOU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.10 Annex Strategic Plan Working Group: Statement from the CMS Secretariat
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.11 Conservation initiatives under the Raptors MoU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.11.1 Saker Falcon Task Force
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.11.2 Conflict between migratory birds and electricity power grids
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.11.2 Annex I Executive Summary: Review of the Conflict between Migratory Birds and the Electricity Power Grids in the African-Eurasian Region
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc. 11.2 Annex II Guidelines for Mitigating Conflict between Migratory Birds and Electricity Power Grids
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.11.2 Annex III CMS Res.10.11 Power Lines and Migratory Birds
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.1 National and Regional Strategies
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.1 Annex I.Rev.1 Replies received from Signatories concerning the Development of National or Regional Raptor Conservation and Management Strategies
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.2 National Reporting by Signatories
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.2 Annex I Update form for Signatories
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.2 Annex II Rev.1 Synthesis of Signatories Online Update Forms on Implementation of the Raptors MoU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.2 Annex III Pakistan
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.2 Annex IV Signatories’ National Reports submitted to CMS COP10
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.13.1.Rev.1 Establishment of the Coordinating Unit
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.13.2 Establishment of a Technical Advisory Group for the Raptors MOU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.13.2 Annex Draft Terms of Reference for the Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.13.3 Procedures for Amending the MoU Text and its Annexes
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.13.4 Cooperating Partners
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.14.1 Current Financial Status and Future Funding
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.14.1 Annex I Financial Statement of the ICU for Raptors MoU
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.14.1 Annex II Summaries of project proposals submitted to the CMS Small Grants Programme 2012
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.14.1 Annex III Estimated voluntary assessed annual contributions by Signatories to generate US$ 200,000 per year
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.14.1 Annex IV Estimated voluntary assessed annual contributions by Signatories to generate US$ 650,000 per year
CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.14.2 Arrangements for Convening Meetings of Signatories
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CMS/Raptors/MoS1/Doc.12.2 Annex III Pakistan