Europe's 5th vulture species?

Andalusia has added Rüpell's Vulture to their list of vultures!

05 September 2019

87 bird crime incidents last year and just one conviction, says RSPB

True scale of persecution of birds of prey such as buzzards and owls is likely to be higher

29 August 2019

Illegal killings of Scottish birds of prey doubles in a year

In 2018 there was a total of 87 incidents in the UK and only one resulted

29 August 2019

White-tailed eagles return to southern Britain after 240 years

Conservationists hope release of six eaglets on Isle of Wight will mirror Scotland success

22 August 2019

Grouse shooting: Labour calls for review amid habitat concerns

Labour has called for a review of grouse shooting, saying it damages important natural habitats.


12 August 2019

‘Carrascalinho’, el buitre negro que paró tres parques eólicos

La Xunta de Galicia ordena detener 94 aerogeneradores al recibir una alerta internacional sobre un ave con GPS que ha recorrido media España.

02 August 2019

El acecho de los buitres atemoriza a los ganaderos

El sector dice que se ceban con sus animales y pide que se reserven espacios para muladares donde puedan comer

28 July 2019