Strategic Planning Consultancy at Raptors MOU

Abu Dhabi, 11 May 2018 – The Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU is seeking a consultant to provide Strategic Planning Support covering three areas of work: to lead the development of a Strategic Implementation Plan for the Multi-species Action Plan to Conserve African-Eurasian Vulture (Vulture MsAP); to review the Action Plan of the MOU; and, to develop a National Report Form for Signatories.  Details about the consultancy opportunity can be found here.

The consultant will be expected to integrate existing and planned work with the key priorities established within the Vulture MsAP and to draft the Strategic Implementation Plan for the MsAP, including visuals, based on the defined conservation actions and within a proposed coordination framework.  In addition, the consultant will be asked to lead a review of the Action Plan of the Raptors MOU and to produce a report, including supporting visuals/documents, that; describes implementation progress since 2008, highlights key areas of success or failure and identifies opportunities for new approaches; suggests updates to the Action Plan as appropriate, ensuring that it integrates relevant aspects of the Vulture MsAP and the Saker Falcon Global Action Plan (SakerGAP), as well as exploiting synergies with other CMS-led initiatives.  The consultant is also needed to develop a National Report Form that will allow reporting on progress against the Action Plan, Vulture MsAP and SakerGAP, in addition to countries’ National or Regional Raptor Conservation Strategies, in a streamlined format.  When finalized, it is anticipated that this National Report Form will be incorporated into the Online Reporting System (ORS) established for the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2018.  Please note that applications can only be submitted through UN Careers or Inspira if an applicant has already have created a profile there.  The Coordinating Unit is not able to consider applications sent via email.


Last updated on 21 May 2018