Honouring the Guardians of the Skies: Celebrating Vultures on International Vulture Awareness Day

As the world prepares to unite for International Vulture Awareness Day on September 2nd, we celebrate international initiatives to recognize and honour the unsung heroes of our ecosystems: the vultures.

29 August 2023

The Egyptian Vulture New LIFE Project: Celebrating success

The Egyptian Vulture New LIFE is one of the most ambitious conservation ventures in the history of vulture conservation. The Raptors MOU has teamed up with 20 organizations and succeeded to halting the population decline of the species in the Balkans.

16 March 2023

An Action Plan to Save West African Vultures

11 November 2022

Of Knowledge and Conservation: Finalizing a Plan to Conserve the Vulnerable Sooty Falcon

The Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU moves towards the finalization of an International Single Species Action Plan for Sooty Falcon

13 October 2022

Building the capacities of local authorities in Guinea-Bissau to stop wildlife poisoning incidents

CMS Raptors had supported a training in Guinea-Bissau to address wildlife poisoning, as a continuation of its work for more than two years (alongside with the , Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Endangered Wildlife Trust, IUCN SSC Vulture Specialist Group and BirdLife International) to engage with local stakeholder groups, including government structures, in Guinea-Bissau.

04 July 2022

Building Environmental Diplomacy and Negotiation Capacity in GCC

CMS Abu Dhabi participates in a capacity-building workshop on environmental diplomacy and negotiations, and biodiversity-related Multilateral Environmental Agreements for Gulf Cooperation Council countries hosted by Kuwait.

14 June 2022

CMS Office - Abu Dhabi: New staff on board

Spring has visited the CMS office - Abu Dhabi with several staffing changes. In April 2022, the CMS office - Abu Dhabi hired four new staff members to support its Duong MOU and Raptors MOU and conserve these migratory species. Learn more about the background and experience of the Office’s new staff in this article.

29 May 2022

Monitoring Egyptian Vulture Migration at the Galala Observatory

During the migratory seasons (every spring and autumn), over 1.5 million birds migrate over the Galala Mountains, which extend along the Gulf of Suez, from Ain Sukhna to Zaafarana in Egypt. Given that Egyptian Vultures as well as other vultures and raptors can be easily spotted at this bottleneck area of bird migration, Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) has recently established the Galala Observatory at the site. A permanent monitoring station founded under the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project, the Observatory is hoped to become a hotspot for the monitoring of raptors and other migratory species, the study of other migratory species, and attract birdwatching tourism in Egypt.

28 April 2022

Towards a Road Map to Tackle Illegal Killing of Birds in the Middle East

The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) is supporting range states in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the development of an action plan to address the illegal killing, hunting, trapping, and trade of wild birds (IKB), which is considered the greatest direct threat to migratory birds in the Middle East.

30 March 2022