National/Regional Strategies

A key commitment of Signatories to the Raptors MoU is set out in Paragraph 12 of the agreement text, as follows … ‘Within two years of this Memorandum of Understanding becoming effective, Signatories will aim to prepare and submit to the Coordinating Unit where appropriate a national or regional (e.g. EU) strategy or equivalent documents (e.g. Single Species Action Plans) for Category 1 and, where appropriate, Category 2 species in Table 1 in the Action Plan’.  And Paragraph 28 informs that … ‘The MoU will become effective for any Signatory on the first day of the month following the date of signature by that Signatory’.

These strategies are extremely important because they effectively translate the wide range of conservation activities established in the Action Plan to the MoU (Annex 3), into clear and focused priority actions to be implemented at the national or regional level.  The Coordinating Unit has developed and published Guidelines to assist Signatories in preparing their national or regional strategic documents.

Signatory Document Type Title Date Received
Switzerland National Strategy PDF icon Raptor and Owl Conservation in Switzerland - Strategic Guidelines and Management Priorities 12 July 2019