3rd Meeting of Signatories

The location on the map is approximate!
08 Sep 2012
OrganisateurCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
Instrument de la CMSPacific Islands Cetaceans
PaysNew Caledonia (France)

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CMS/PIC/MoS3/Report Report of the Meeting
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Numéro Titre Fichiers
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.1.4.1 Provisional Agenda
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.1.4.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.3.1 Report of the Secretariat
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.3.2 Review of Progress of Implementation of the MoU Action Plans
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.3.3 Report of the Technical Advisory Group
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.4.1 Adoption of the Revised SPREP Whale And Dolphin Action Plan (2013-2017) as the MOU Action Plan
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.4.2 Endorsement of the Oceania Humpback Whale Recovery Plan (2013 - 2017)
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.5.2 Determining a reporting mechanism for the Pacific Cetaceans MoU
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.6.1 CMS Resolutions adopted during the 10th CMS Conference of the Parties related to Cetaceans and their habitats in the Pacific Islands Region
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.6.2 The role of ecological networks for conserving cetacean habitat in the Pacific Islands Region
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.6.3 Coordinating the technical work of CMS and the Pacific Cetacean MoU
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.7.1 Integrating threatened and migratory cetaceans into NBSAPS
CMS/PIC/MoS3/Doc.7.3 CMS Small Grants Programme