First Meeting of the Americas Flyways Task Force

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The Americas Flyways Framework (AFF) Task Force is convened in line with the mandate provided by Resolution 11.14 on Migratory Birds and Flyways. The resolution calls on the Flyways Working Group and on the CMS Secretariat to support the establishment of a Task Force to coordinate engagement of partners in the development and implementation of an action plan for the AFF including provisions for concerted conservation action for priority species. Relevant hemispheric entities will be involved with the aim of reinforcing their mandates.

The goal of the AFF Task Force is to establish a shared and common practice for conservation of migratory birds in the countries of the Americas, strengthening the implementation of already existing initiatives for migratory bird conservation in the Region and promoting cooperation between countries. The Task Force will facilitate implementation of the AFF and associated Action Plan, with a focus on filling gaps and enacting conservation on the ground.

The First Meeting of the Americas Flyways Task Force will take place on the 26-27 July 2018 in the city of Florianópolis, at the kind invitation of the Government of Brazil.

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26 Jul 2018 to 27 Jul 2018
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UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Informe Informe de la reunión
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UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.1 Provisional Agenda Americas Flyways
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.3 Annotated agenda and meeting schedule
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.4 Resolution 12.11: Flyways
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.4.1 Americas Flyways Framework
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.4.2 Action Plan Americas Flyways
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.1 NABCI, Hemispheric Vision
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.2.1 AMBI implementation Strategy
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.2.2 AMBI Americas Workplan
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.3 Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.4 Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.5 Partners in Flight Landbird Conservation Plan
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.6 Migratory Shorebird Project
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.5.7 Evaluación des estado de conservación de las aves de Centroamérica
UNEP/CMS/AFTF1/Doc.9 World Migratory Bird Day: Scoping Paper