6th Meeting of the Saker Falcon Task Force

The location on the map is approximate!

The 6th Meeting of the Saker Falcon Task Force (STF) was held online on 28 October 2020. The main objective of the meeting was to feedback the outcomes of the two discussion group meetings on: (i) Mitigating Electrocution; and (ii) Developing an Adaptive Management Framework (AMF) for sustainable use of the Saker Falcon. 

The following Agenda items were discussed:

  1. Update on Task Force Membership
  2. Update from Task Force Members
  3. Feedback on Discussion Group TORs
  4. Timeline for activities and identification of key milestones

The meeting summary report can be found below.

28 Oct 2020 14:00
OrganisateurCMS Secretariat
Instrument de la CMSOiseaux de Proie (Rapaces)

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