14th Scientific Council Meeting

The location on the map is approximate!
14 Mar 2007 to 17 Mar 2007
OrganizadorCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
Instrumento de la CMSCMS


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UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.1 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.1.1 Provisional Schedule (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.2 Provisional List of Documents
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.3 Regarding the Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Mammals listed on the Appendices of the CMS
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.4 Conservation Status of Small Cetaceans in the Solomon Islands Region (English & French only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.5 Conservation Status of the Clymene Dolphin in West Africa (English & French only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.6 Conservation Status of the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin, a Compromised Future? (English & French only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.7 Conservation Status of the Northwest African Population of the Harbour Porpoise (English & French only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.8 Conservation Status of Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.9 Observer’s Report on the 2006 Meeting of the IWC Scientific Committee (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.10 Sustainable Use
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.11 Climate Change and Migratory Species: Indicator Species and Protocols for Data Collection (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.12 Follow-up in COP8 Decisions: Scientific Task Force on Avian Influenza (Res. 8.27)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.13 Draft Proposals for the Inclusion of Asiatic Mammal Species on CMS Appendices (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.14 Review of Migratory Chondrichthyan Fishes (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.15 Summary of Recent Progress in the Work of the Advisory Committee of the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.16 Progress Report on the International Action Plans for the Conservation of the Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor), Spoon-billed Sandpiper (Eurynorhynchus pygmeus), and Chinese Crested Tern (Sterna bernsteini) (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.17 Follow-up to COP8 Decisions: Development of Migratory Species Indicators (Res. 8.7)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.18 “Sea Migrants Project” - Monitoring, Public Awareness and Capacity-building in Key Areas for Migration Worldwide (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.19 Assessment of Bycatch in Global Fisheries (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.20 Options for a Revision of the Modus Operandi of the CMS Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.21 Review of Implementation of the Strategy Implementation Plan 2006-2011 for the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.22 Proposed Programme of Work to Implement CMS Resolution 8.22 (Adverse Human Induced Impacts on Cetaceans) (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.23 Development of a CMS-AEWA Single-Species Action Plan for the Lesser Flamingo (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.24 Central Eurasian Aridland Concerted Action (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.25 Draft Work Programme 2007-2008 for Bycatch Councillor (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Doc.26 List of Range States of Migratory Species included in the CMS Appendices (English only)
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Número Título Archivos
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.1 Report of the 13th Meeting of the Scientific Council (Nairobi, 16-18 November 2005)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.2 List of CMS Scientific Councillors
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.3 Rules of Procedure for the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.4 List of CMS Parties (1 January 2007)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.5 Text of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.6 Appendices I & II of the Convention (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.7 Avian Influenza and Wild Birds
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.8 Wildlife Watching and Tourism - A study on the benefits and risks of a fast growing tourism activity and its impacts on species (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.9 Migratory Species and Climate Change - Impacts of a Changing Environment on Wild Animals (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.10 Selected Resolutions and Recommendations adopted by COP8 relevant to the work of SC14
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.11 Report of the 31st Meeting of the CMS Standing Committee (Bonn, 28-29 September 2006)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.12 Partnership for the East Asian - Australasian Flyway (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.13 Projects/Initiatives for Voluntary Contributions 2006-2008 (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.14 Report of the CMS meeting on Priorities in Implementing the Programme of Work 2007 - 8 Presentations by the CMS Secretariat (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.15 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership: Tracking global biodiversity for people (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.16 The Significance of Artificial Barriers to Migration across International Borders
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.17 Memorandum of Cooperation between CMS and IUCN (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.18 Climate variability and change and other pressures on wetlands and waterbirds (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.19 Climate change and coastal waterbirds: the United Kingdom experience reviewed (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.20 Effects of the North Atlantic Oscillation and El Niño-Southern Oscillation on migration of Common Terns Sterna hirundo breeding in Germany (English only)
UNEP/CMS/ScC14/Inf.21 Report of the First Meeting of the WDCS Cetacean Liaison Group (English only)