This page contains a library of conservation strategies and plans related to African lion conservation and may help to guide managers and decision makers when researching existing policies and planning future conservation strategies. The links included contain downloadable PDFs and reports, with each document tagged by country.

A link to the Strategic Guidelines for Lion Conservation in Africa will be published here as soon as the document is developed by a working group coordinated by the Cat Specialist Group, involving members from lion Range States and experts.

More information on previous and existing lion conservation strategies and plans can be found in the Cat Specialist Group library.


Decisions 12.67 to 12.70 - Conservation and Management of the African Lion (Panthera leo)

Decisions 12.55 to 12.60 - Joint CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative

Resolution 11.32 - Conservation and Management of the African Lion (Panthera leo)

Report on the Implementation of Resolution 11.32 for the Second Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the CMS Scientific Council (ScC-SC2)


Decisions 17.241 to 17.245 - African lion (Panthera leo)

African Lion Range State Meeting

Entebbe Communiqué

    © Jacques-André Dupont

Regional Lion Conservation Strategies and National Action Plans

The Conservation Strategies and Action Plans which follow the IUCN guidelines (as stated in the Strategic planning for Species Conservation) and the guidance of the Cat SG are marked with an asterisk. 

Review of lion Conservation Strategies (2015)

Conservation strategy for Eastern and Southern Africa (2006)*

Conservation strategy for West and Central Africa (2006)*

Conservation strategy for West and Central Africa (2006) (French)*


Conservation Action Plan (2014) (French)


Conservation Action Plan (2007) (French)


National Action plan (2012)


Lion and hyena conservation planning*


Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (2010)

National Action Plan for the Conservation of the African Lion (Panthera leo leo) in Mozambique (2016)


Human-lion conflict management plan for north west Namibia (2016)

South Africa

Management plan for the African lion (2015)


Proceedings of the first Tanzanian Conservation Action plan (2007)

Conservation Action plan (2009)


Conservation strategy and Action Plan (2009)

Zimbabwe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 © Vanessa Mignon

Conservation strategy and Action Plan (2006)