The Hidden Dangers of Synthetic Fishing Nets Threaten the Health of Marine Turtles in Pakistan and Beyond

by Summaiya Abid, Sudheer Ahmed and Shoaib Abdul Razzaque – WWF-Pakistan

09 August 2023

Seagrass: Essential to Migratory Species and to Climate Change Mitigation

From the tropics to the Arctic circle, seagrasses are amongst the most widespread coastal habitats on the planet, existing in 159 countries. They are essential both for many migratory species of wild animals, as well as for climate change mitigation. Thousands of species depend on seagrasses for food, nursery grounds, and shelter.  Many others may use seagrass habitats as an important site for feeding along their migratory routes.

01 March 2023

Growing Evidence of Connectivity between Hawksbill Turtle Habitats Across the Indian Ocean

Satellite tracking and flipper-tagging techniques have enabled a better understanding of marine turtle life histories.

16 September 2022

Benefits of a Marine Turtle Conservation Project to Local Communities in an Impoverished Region in Papua, Indonesia

by Deasy Lontoh and Fitryanti Pakiding

06 September 2022

Restoration of Nesting Beaches in Reunion Island: a Tool for Preservation of the Residual Sea Turtle Nesting Population

By Anne-Emmanuelle Landes (1), Léo Pairain (1), Claire Jean (2), Stéphane Ciccione (2)
1. Centre d’Etude et de Découverte des Tortues Marines (CEDTM)

04 July 2022

Mitigating the Effects of a Shift in Nesting Season of Olive Ridley Turtles on the West Coast of India

By Sumedha Korgaonkar, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. 248001, [email protected]

and Dr Kuppusamy Sivakumar, Ex-Scientist F, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. 248001 / Professor, Ecology and Environmental Science, Pondicherry Central University, Kalapet, Puducherry, India 605014

29 June 2022

Sea Turtle Day 2022 in Itsamia Mohéli (Comoros)

On Saturday, 11 June 2022, the Itsamia village on the island of Mohéli held an extraordinary celebration of its annual “Marine Turtle Day”. This year, a special event took place in the presence of the President of the Union of Comoros.

21 June 2022

The Database of Flipper Tag Series in Use in the IOSEA Region

The Secretariat has maintained a database of flipper tag series in use in the IOSEA region providing publicly accessible information on the possible origins of a tag, and preventing overlap that might occur between countries and projects.

16 June 2022