Indian Ocean

At least 40 dolphins die in area hit by Mauritius oil spill

Causes of death yet to be confirmed as witness describes last moments of one d

28 August 2020

Mauritius: Anger and questions as 17 dead dolphins wash ashore

At least 17 dead dolphins have been found on the coast of Mauritius, prompting d

26 August 2020

Hallan 18 delfines y marsopas muertos en playas de Mauricio tras el derrame de petróleo

La isla es la más afectada por el desastre ecológico que causó el derrame de c

26 August 2020

18 whales die in Mauritius stranding

Eighteen melon-headed whales washed up on the shores of Mauritius on Wednesday

26 August 2020

Mauritius’s plan to dump part of wrecked ship sparks controversy

On the morning of Aug.15, a wrecked ship, longer than the Titanic, broke in tw

21 August 2020

Mauritius oil spill: Satellite images show removal operation

Satellite images have captured tug boats trying to remove the wreckage of a Ja

19 August 2020

Sauerei im Paradies

Ende Juli ist der Frachter "Wakashio" vor Mauritius auf ein Riff gelaufen und

17 August 2020

Mauritius oil spill: ship breaks up and remaining fuel spreads into ocean – video

A Japanese ship that has leaked hundreds of tonnes of fuel oil off the coast o

17 August 2020