Implementation Review of the EU Species Action Plan for the Egyptian Vulture

CMS Raptors MoU Technical Publication No. 3
The overall aim of this review is to better understand the successes, challenges and lessons learned from the European Union (EU) Species Action Plan (SAP) for the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) (Iñigo et al. 2008) adopted in 2008, with a view to incorporating this information into an Egyptian Vulture Flyway Action Plan (EVFAP) covering the Balkans and Central Asia.

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Author(s)Tavares J.; Barov B.; Wiliams N. P.
Published DateJuly 2015
Publication LanguageEnglish
PublisherCoordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU
TypeTechnical Series
CMS InstrumentOiseaux de Proie (Rapaces)


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