1st Meeting of Signatories

The location on the map is approximate!
22 Jan 2003 to 24 Jan 2003
OrganisateurIOSEA Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand
Instrument de la CMSIOSEA Marine Turtles

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Numéro Titre Fichiers
Doc. 01 Provisional Agenda
Doc. 02 Annotated Provisional Agenda (Rev. 1)
Doc. 03 Provisional Schedule
Doc. 04 List of Documents (Rev. 1)
Doc. 05 Report of the Interim Secretariat
Doc. 05.1 Annex 1
Doc. 05.2 Annex 2a
Doc. 05.3 Annex 2b
Doc. 05.4 Annex 3
Doc. 06 Complementary Initiatives and Collaboration with Sub-regional Bodies
Doc. 07 Nominations and Arrangements for the Advisory Committee (including, in an annex, the draft Terms of Reference previously circulated as MT-IOSEA/SS.1/Inf. 4)
Doc. 07.2 Annex 2
Doc. 08 Review of Implementation and Prioritisation of the Conservation and Management Plan
Doc. 08.1 Annex 1
Doc. 09 Format for Submission of National Reports
Doc. 09.1 Addendum
Doc. 10 Financial and Administrative Matters
Doc. 11 Organisation and Provisional Schedule of Future Activities
Doc. 12 Possible amendment of the Legal Character of the MoU
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