Guardian of the Green Turtles: The Unwavering Devotion of Abdullah Mirbahir for Marine Conservation in Pakistan

by Summaiya Abid and Shoaib Abdul Razzaque, WWF-Pakistan

16 June 2023

New Review Finds the Consumption of Wild Meat of Aquatic Megafauna Protected Under CMS to be Widespread Throughout the Tropics

Published on 21 March was a review of the literature and overview of the contemporary use of aquatic megafauna (cetaceans, sirenians, chelonians, and crocodylians) in the global tropics and subtropics, for 37 species listed on the Appendices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).

22 March 2022

El Reino de Baréin se incorpora a la CMS

El Reino de Baréin se ha adherido a la Convención, lo que eleva el número de integrantes a 133, y se suma al número cada vez mayor de miembros asiáticos firmantes.

28 February 2022

Risk Assessment of Plastic Pollution to Migratory Species in the Mekong and Ganga River Basins

The report “Risk assessment of plastic pollution to migratory species in the Mekong and Ganga River Basins” maps plastic hotspots and assesses the risk of plastic pollution on migratory species in these two river basins. It focuses on the impacts of plastic pollution on freshwater and terrestrial species protected under the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).

07 March 2022