The following events are part of the ‘official round-the-clock virtual event’ taking place on 16 and 19 June 2021. All events are indicated in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, also known as GMT), as well as the local time (in 24 hour format) in the host country. 

All events will be streamed on the CMS YouTube channel (BonnConvention).

YouTube Playlist World Sea Turtle Day 2021

Details of each programme can be accessed through the Event Map shown on this page.

Wednesday, 16 June

To launch the MOU's Anniversary celebrations around this year's World Sea Turtle Day, a one-hour programme took place on the official World Sea Turtle Day, 16 June. This event was a prelude to the day-long series of events to take place on the weekend. The recording can be viewed on

UTC Sub-Region Country Local Time
12:00          SEA+ United States of America 08:00




We gratefully acknowledge the technical cooperation with Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), who will be delivering the streaming of the event on 19 June.