Indian Ocean

Recent Estimates of Sea Turtle Nesting Populations Indicate the Regional Importance of the Chagos Archipelago

By Nicole Esteban, Swansea University,
Jeanne Mortimer, Turtle Action Group of Seychelles,
and Graeme Hays, Deakin University

17 February 2021

STORM - Sea Turtles for Ocean Research and Monitoring

By Stephane Ciccione

In Reunion, a recent cooperation between biologists and meteorologists has led to:

09 February 2021

Improving Hatching Success on Cousine Island, Republic of Seychelles

By Tammy Godding
Conservation Officer, Cousine Island

27 January 2021

Caring for an endangered visitor

State’s coast has become a preferred nesting gro

23 November 2020

Blaze extinguished on stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka

A massive fire on a stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka's coast has been extingu

06 September 2020

Oil tanker towed from Sri Lanka shoreline amid spill fears

A massive oil tanker on fire off the eastern coast of Sri Lanka is being towed

05 September 2020