The Work Programme 2020-2024 foresees the development of a number of capacity-building resources, ranging from guidelines on beach management to maximize hatchling production to provision of information on fundraising opportunities. As the Secretariat and Advisory Committee are addressing these requests from Signatories, the resulting documents will be made available here for easy access to Signatory States and other stakeholders.

  • WP #46: Guidelines and protocols recommended by the Advisory Committee for data collection and management of sea turtles and their habitats
  • WP #49: Overview of scientific information available on effects of underwater noise on turtles
  • WP #54: Best practice guide for alternative livelihood projects that ensure that all stakeholders are fully involved
  • WP #62: Compilation of examples of National Action Plans for review and possible adaption by Signatory States to other contexts

These documents will be posted as they become available.