IOSEA Marine Turtle MOU to participate in the Sea Turtle Talks on Twitter

On Tuesday, 14 September 2021, the IOSEA Secretariat will participate in the Twitter Sea Turtle Talks. The Coordinator of the MOU will share information on the topic "20 Years of Sea Turtle Conservation in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia Region". This includes an overview of the challenges for sea turtle conservation in the IOSEA region, the mechanisms designed to help address them, and some of the key achievements of the MOU, showing how science contributes to policy in order to achieve the best conservation outcomes.

The virtual conference will take place entirely on Twitter. During its assigned 15-minute slot (from 13:30 UTC to 13:45 UTC) the MOU Secretariat will publish several tweets accompanied by pictures and graphics. The event is meant to bring together marine turtle scientists from around the world in an online setting, and is a great opportunity for the IOSEA Marine Turtle MOU to share with the turtle community some insights into its internationally coordinated efforts to address pressures on sea turtle populations in the region. This year, the MOU is celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

To follow any talks of the conference and interact with the presenters and audience, follow the hashtags #SeaTurtleTalks and #TurtleTuesday on 14 September 2021. The full programme and schedule is available on the Sea Turtle Talks website. The Secretariat’s presentation will take place from 13:30 UTC to 13:45 UTC on Twitter.

Last updated on 09 September 2021