3rd Meeting of Signatories

The location on the map is approximate!
29 Mar 2005 to 31 Mar 2005
OrganizerIOSEA Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand
CMS InstrumentIOSEA Marine Turtles

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Number Title Files
Doc. 01 Provisional Agenda (Rev. 1)
Doc. 02 Annotated Provisional Agenda
Doc. 03 Provisional Schedule (Rev. 1)
Doc. 04 List of Documents (Rev. 2)
Doc. 05 Report of the Secretariat
Doc. 06 Complementary initiatives (background papers requested from participants)
Doc. 07 Review of implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding
Doc. 07.1 National Reporting
Doc. 07.1 Annex Draft revised national reporting template
Doc. 07.2 Review of implementation progress
Doc. 07.2 Annex Detailed analysis of IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU National Reports
Doc. 07.2 Addendum Compilation of marine turtle conservation projects from the IOSEA Projects Database
Doc. 07.3 Status reports on CMS/IOSEA-funded projects
Doc. 08 Status reports on CMS/IOSEA-funded projectsGeneral considerations pertaining to the Memorandum of Understanding
Doc. 08.1 Network of sites of importance for marine turtles
Doc. 08.2 Preparations for the 2006 Year of the Turtle campaign
Doc. 08.3 Traditional and cultural use of marine turtles
Doc. 08.4 Guidelines on hatchery management
Doc. 08.5 Fisheries-turtle interactions in the IOSEA region
Doc. 08.6 Exploratory paper on possible extension of the geographic scope of the MoU
Doc. 09 Special considerations related to the impacts of the Indian Ocean tsunami
Doc. 10 Advisory Committee
Doc. 10.1 Annex 1: Membership
doc. 10.2 Annex 2: Sri Lanka Nomination
Doc. 10.3 Annex 3: Terms of Reference
Doc. 11 Financial and administrative matters
Doc. 12 Further development of implementation tools
Doc. 13 Organisation of the Fourth Meeting of the Signatory States
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Number Title Files
Inf. 01 Arrangements for Signing the MoU
Inf. 01 Information Note for Participants
Inf. 01 Nomination form for membership of the Advisory Committee
Inf. 01 Registration form
Inf. 01 Sample Letter of Credentials
Inf. 01.1 Checklist of things to do / bring to Bangkok
Inf. 02 Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Marine Turtles and their Habitats of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia
Inf. 03 Report of the Second Meeting of Signatory States (Bangkok, 16-19 March 2004)
Inf. 04 Report of the Second Meeting of the Advisory Committee (Bangkok, 15 March 2004)
Inf. 05 List of competent national authorities (Focal Points)
Inf. 06 Indicative requirements for hosting a meeting of the Signatory States
Inf. 07 Action points arising from the Second Meeting of the Signatory States
Inf. 08 UNEP Report (selected extracts): "After the Tsunami: Rapid Environmental Assessment"
Inf. 09 Flipper tag series
Inf. 10 Hawksbill trade in Indonesia
Inf. 11 IOSEA Fact Sheet- March 2005