2nd Meeting of Signatories

The location on the map is approximate!
16 Mar 2004 to 19 Mar 2004
OrganizerIOSEA Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand
CMS InstrumentIOSEA Marine Turtles

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Number Title Files
Doc. 01 Provisional Agenda (Rev.1)
Doc. 02 Annotated Provisional Agenda (Rev.1)
Doc. 03 Provisional Schedule
Doc. 04 List of Documents (Rev. 2)
Doc. 05 Report of the Secretariat
Doc. 06 Complementary initiatives
Doc. 07 Review and further refinement of the Conservation and Management Plan
Doc. 07 Annex 1 Review of implementation
Doc. 07 Annex 2 Annotated CMP - SEA+Australia
Doc. 07 Annex 3 Annotated CMP - NIO
Doc. 07 Annex 4 Annotated CMP - WIO
Doc. 08 Further development of implementation tools
Doc. 09 Advisory Committee
Doc. 10 Financial and administrative matters
Doc. 11.1 Interpretation and possible extension of the MoU’s geographic scope
Doc. 11.2 Proposal for a site network linked to the MoU
Doc. 11.1 Annex 1 Bellagio Blueprint
Doc. 11.2 Annex 1 WB-WWF Site-level Tracking Tool
Doc. 11.3 Proposal for recognition of projects contributing to IOSEA MoU implementation