At their Seventh Meeting (Bonn, September 2014), IOSEA Signatory States identified priority actions to be undertaken by the Signatory States, Advisory Committee and Secretariat until the next IOSEA Meeting. These were agreed on the basis of a review of the implementation of the IOSEA Conservation and Management Plan, as well as consideration of the IOSEA paper 'Insights into Indian Ocean Fisheries-Turtle Interactions' deliberated by the Advisory Committee during its earlier session. 

Below is a summary of the IOSEA Programme of Work on fisheries-turtle interactions for 2015-2017.

Actor Proposed Action
Signatory States Initiate/continue dialogue about IOSEA issues among Signatory States that are also IOTC members in advance of each meeting of IOTC meeting (including subsidiary bodies), and intervene as appropriate.
Signatory State (Oman) Share methods and lessons learnt from current studies on fisheries interactions.
Signatory State (USA) United States (NOAA) to investigate the possibility of collaborating with IOTC/IOSEA in delivery of technical support, such as marine turtle-related observer training.
Secretariat, Advisory Committee Secretariat to assess current RFMO resolutions and active conservation management measures, including data collection requirements. Advisory Committee to advise on any other data needed to fulfill minimum data requirements. Findings from the above work to be presented to the IOTC Working Party on Ecosystems and By-catch (WPEB).
Secretariat, Advisory Committee Present concerns to IOTC/WPEB regarding reasons for turtle mortality including FADs and gill nets, based on new information that comes to light. Continue to contribute to the IOTC Executive Summary on marine turtles.
Secretariat, Signatory States (North Western Indian Ocean) Keep Signatory States up to date about developments in relation to proposed sub-regional by-catch assessment project (led by CMS Abu Dhabi office) and encourage their involvement.