Conservation Program "Dalmatian Pelicans and Wetlands in the Mediterranean Basin"

The overall objective of the Program is the conservation of Dalmatian pelicans and their habitat trough 4 complementary components described above on question 6. The pilot phase aims at assessing the current situation on each site, and thereby elaborate local actions plans. The actions should have a positive impacts on the Dalmatian pelicans populations and consequently on other species. To protect the species, specific actions on the ecosystem conservation could be taken as well.

The direct beneficiaries of the project will be:
- managers of the three protected areas of whose capacities will be strengthened;
- Neighboring populations of the three sites who will be affected by the awareness campaigns and will benefit from local development activities. Fishermen will be particularly concerned;
- The international community (science and nature conservation) that will benefit from sharing experience and networking of the three sites (networking between Greece / Albania / Montenegro).

Local communities will thus be involved at every step of the program, from the pilot phase with worshops and consultation of local population on conservation actions that should be implemented. As described on question 6, one of our components is the support of local communities towards reaching a sustainable economic development.

The indirect beneficiaries are the other users (including tourists) who will benefit from best preserved recreational sites and of diversified activities compatible with pelican conservation. The European Community and competent authorities for the environment in Albania And Montenegro are also indirect beneficiaries, considering that the Program intends to be demonstrative by contributing to environmental protection in two candidate countries to the European Union.

About the sustainability of the program and of its outputs, Noé Conservation and the Tour du Valat intend to work with local conservation organizations, with the aim to strengthen their capacities in terms of biodiversity conservation and management of wetlands. The first vector of viability and sustainability of the project is the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

1. Implementation of an exchange network ;;2. Biodiversity inventories, conservation plans for Dalmatian pelicans, and wetlands management plans;; 3. Implementation of conservation actions for Damatian pelicans and site management (CMS);;4. Start a dialogue with local stakeholders for a sustainable and fair management of natural resources;;;

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Implementing AgencyNoé Conservation
Collaborating agenciesTour du Valat: Alain Crivelli, Research Director, [email protected], +33 4 90 97 20 13 National Park of Skadar Lake: Nela Vesovic Dubak, Director of Information Center, [email protected], + 382 20 879 100 Center for Protection and Research of Birds in Montenegro (CPRB): Darko Saveljic, Director, [email protected], + 382 67 245 006 Euronatur, Martin Schneider-Jacoby, Project manager, [email protected], +49(0)7732/92720

Activity start dateJanuary 2013
Activity end dateDecember 2014
CMS AppendixAppendix I, Appendix II
Taxonomic groupBirds
Target regionEurope
Target countryMontenegro, Greece, Albania
Final technical reportNo

Climate Change
Ecological interactions and habitat change
Human Disturbance
Habitat loss and degradation
Agriculture and aquaculture
Residential and commercial development
Unsustainable fishing and harvesting aquatic resources
Prey depletion