Technical Reports

Publication Publisher Type Published Date
Assessment of the Conservation Status of the Hawksbill Turtle in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia Region Technical Reports 03 2022
Risk Assessment of Plastic Pollution to Migratory Species in the Mekong and Ganga River Basins CMS Secretariat Technical Reports 03 2022
Impacts of Taking, Trade and Consumption of Terrestrial Migratory Species for Wild Meat [Report] CMS Secretariat Technical Reports 09 2021
Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Freshwater Aquatic, Terrestrial and Avian Migratory Species in the Asia and Pacific Region CMS Secretariat Technical Reports 08 2021
First Report of Metallic Elements in Loggerhead and Leatherback Turtle Eggs from the Indian Ocean Scientific Article, Technical Reports 2018
CMS Dugong MOU Standardised Dugong Catch and Bycatch Questionnaire Final Report Dugong MOU Secretariat Technical Reports 01 2017
Up-date of the status and conservation progress in the Atlantic populations (Monachus monachus) Technical Reports 06 2016
Socio-Economic and Cultural Implications of Marine Turtles Use and Conservation IOSEA Technical Reports 08 2014
Illegal Take and Trade of Marine Turtles in the IOSEA Region IOSEA Technical Reports 2014
Saker Falcon Task Force: Compilation Report on WorkPlan Objectives 4–8 Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU, Saker Falcon Task Force Technical Reports 08 2013
Assessment of the conservation status of the loggerhead turtle in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia IOSEA Technical Reports 2013
Assessment of the conservation status of the leatherback turtle in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia IOSEA Technical Reports 2012
Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project FAO/BOBME Project Technical Reports 12 2011
Conservation of Sea Turtles along the Coast of Peru APECO & GTM-Perú Technical Reports 2005
Conserving Cetaceans: The Convention on Migratory Species and its relevant Agreements for Cetacean Conservation WDCS, Altostraße 43, D-81245 Munich, Germany Technical Reports 10 2003
Safe Flyways for the Siberian Crane International Crane Foundation Technical Reports
Información de pesca incidental en el Ecuador Ministerio del Ambiente (Ecuador) Technical Reports