CMS Bulletin 01/2013



Conservation News

  • First Meeting of Signatories to the CMS Raptors MOU Decides on Conservation Strategies
  • Central Asian Flyway States Decide to Seek Extension of Geographical Area of AEWA
  • ACAP’s Engagement Strategy with Regional Fisheries Management Organizations
  • CMS Sharks MOU referred to in UN General Assembly Resolution
  • Major Boost for Transboundary Conservation of Argali
  • Progress on Conserving the Critically Endangered Cross River Gorilla in Cameroon and Nigeria
  • Limiting the Threat of Illegal Hunting to the Lesser White-fronted Goose in Kazakhstan
  • New CMS Technical Series Publication on Migratory Bird Flyways

Species Campaigns

  • Ending the Year of the Bat on a High Note

News from the Secretariat

  • Swaziland Joins CMS
  • Capacity-Building Workshop: Enhancing Integration of Objectives into National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans
  • Promoting CMS in Washington
  • The CMS Secretariat Welcomes Johannes Stahl
  • CMS Family Meetings

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Published DateJanuary 2013
Publication LanguageEnglish
PublisherUNEP/CMS Secretariat
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