17th Scientific Council Meeting

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17 Nov 2011 to 18 Nov 2011
OrganizerCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
CMS InstrumentCMS

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Number Title Status Files
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Report of the 17th Meeting of the CMS Scientific Council Adopted
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex I Agenda of the Meeting
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex II Report of the Working Group on Terrestrial Mammals
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex III Report of the Working Group on Aquatic Mammals
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex IV Report of the Working Group on Freshwater Fish
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex V Report of the Working Group on Marine Turtles
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex VI Report of the Working Group on Birds
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex VII Report of the Working Group on Climate Change
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/REPORT Annex VIII Report of the Working Group on Bycatch
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Report Annex IX Report of the Working Group on Wildilfe Diseases
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/REPORT Annex X List of Participants / Liste des Participants / Lista de Participantes
Number Title Status Files
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.03 The Role of Ecological Networks in the Conservation of Migratory Species Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.04 Marine Debris Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.05 CMS Strategic Plan 2015–2023 Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.08 Cooperation between the Inter-governmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and CMS Revised
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.10 Guidance on Global Flyway Conservation and Options for Policy Arrangements Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.13 Standardized Nomenclature of Birds Listed on the CMS Appendices Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.14 Bycatch of CMS-listed Species in Gillnet Fisheries Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.15 Global Programme of Work for Cetaceans Revised
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.16 Priorities for CMS Agreements Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.19 Migratory Species Conservation in the Light of Climate Change Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.22 Wildlife Disease and Migratory Species Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.23 Concerted and Cooperative Actions Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.24 Further Steps to Abate Underwater Noise Pollution for the Protection of Cetaceans and Other Migratory Species Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.26 Minimizing the Risk of Poisoning to Migratory Birds Repealed
UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.27 Improving the Conservation Status of Migratory Landbirds in the African Eurasian Region Repealed
Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.1/Rev.2 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.2/Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.4 Background Information on the Saker Falcon
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.5/Rev.1 The Taxonomy of Neophocaena (Cetacea: Phocoenidae) and the conservation status of N. phocaenoides and N. asiaeorientalis
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.6/Rev.1 Analysis of the Expertise of Members of the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.7/Rev.1 Conservation Status of Appendix I Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.7/Rev.2In-session Conservation Status of Appendix I Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.8 Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Birds: Conclusions of the Scientific Council Intersessional Working Group
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.9 Species of Aquatic Mammals for which agreements not anticipated during the coming triennium but which may require attention by the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.10 Report on the Small Grants Programme
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.11 Invasive Alien Species and Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.12 Applicability of the Addis Ababa Principles to Activities Conducted under CMS
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.13 Central Eurasian Aridland Mammals Action Plan
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.14 Draft International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Sociable Lapwing (Vanellus gregarius)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Doc.15 Barriers to Migration and Terrestrial Mammals
Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.1 Report of the 16th Meeting of the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.2 Rules of Procedure of the CMS Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.3 Proposal on long-distance landbirds in the African Eurasian Region: Submitted by Prof Dr. Franz Bairlein, Institute of Avian Research, Germany
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4 Report of the CMS Flyway Working Group Meeting, Edinburgh, 20-21 February 2011
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4.1a Executive Summary: Flyways Review 1: (a review CMS and non-CMS Existing Administrative/Management Instruments for migratory birds globally).
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4.1b Flyways Review 1 (a review of CMS and non-CMS existing administrative/ management instruments for migratory birds globally)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4.2a Executive Summary: Flyways Review 2 (review of current knowledge of bird flyways, principal knowledge gaps and conservation priorities)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4.2b Flyways Review 2 (review of current knowledge of bird flyways, principal knowledge gaps and conservation priorities)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4.3a Executive Summary: Flyways Review 3 (policy options for migratory birds flyways)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.4.3b Flyways Review 3 (policy options for migratory birds flyways)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.5 Specialist Meeting on the Conservation of the Saker Falcon (April 5-7, 2009, Abu Dhabi): Conclusions and Recommendations
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.6 Saker Falcon Conservation Status and Research Requirements: A final Report to the Saudi Wildlife Commission by BirdLife International.
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.7 CBD: Report of the Fourth Meeting of Chairs of Scientific Advisory Bodies of Biodiversity-related Conventions
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.8 Report: Effect of Climate Change on Migratory Bird Species occuring in Poland
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.9 Report: Climate Change Vulnerability of Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.10 Report on the Exploratory Survey of Cetaceans and their Status in Cameroon
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.11 Emergency Action for the Conservation of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Myanmar
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.12 Report of the Technical Workshop on the Impact of Climate Change on Migratory Species, Camargue, France, 6-8 June 2011
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.13 Scientific Task Force on Wildlife Diseases
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.13a Terms of reference of the Task Force on Wildlife Diseases
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.13b Programme of Work of the Task Force on Wildlife Diseases
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.13c/Rev.1 Report of the launching meeting in Beijing 27-28 June 2011
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.14 Observer's Report on Meeting of IWC Scientific Committee, Tromsø, Norway, 30 May to 11 June 2011
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.15 Conservation breeding programme for the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Report submitted by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.16 Bilan technique Projet ASS CMS / FFEM (2003-2010)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.17 Current and Predicted Conservation Status of CMS-listed Arctic Marine Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.18 Migratory Landbirds in the African-Eurasian Region
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.19 Recommendation on a future listing of the Polar Bear under CMS
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.20 Survey of Scientific Council expertise: List of participating Councillors and submitted publications
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.21 Minimizing the Risk of Poisoning to Migratory Birds
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.22 Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus): Update on Status and Conservation Progress of the Atlantic Population 2010-2011
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.23 Barriers to Migration Case Study in Mongolia
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.24 Position Paper on the Saker Falcon (Saudi Arabia)
UNEP/CMS/ScC17/Inf.25 IAF Comments on the Proposed Change of the Sakar Falcon Conservation