Delphinapterus leucas

Información de evaluación
Instrumentos de la CMSCMS
IUCN StatusCritically endangered
Fecha de entrada en el Apéndice II1979
Rango geográfico
Países Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Russian Federation, United States of America

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Nombres comunes
InglésWhite Whale, Beluga
FrancésBelouga, Dauphin Blanc, Marsouin Blanc
EspañolBeluga, ballena blanca
AlemánWeißwal, beluga
Nombre científico Delphinapterus leucas
Other details
Additional notesASCOBANS covers all species, subspecies or populations of toothed whales in the agreement area except for the sperm whale (_Physeter macrocephalus_). As of 3 February 2008 the ASCOBANS Area has been extended as follows: "The marine environment of the Baltic and North Seas and contiguous area of the North East Atlantic, as delimited by the shores of the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland; to the south-east by latitude 36°N, where this line of latitude meets the line joining the lighthouses of Cape St. Vincent (Portugal) and Casablanca (Morocco); to the south-west by latitude 36°N and longitude 15°W; to the north-west by longitude 15° and a line drawn through the following points: latitude 59°N/longitude 15°W, latitude 60°N/longitude 05°W, latitude, 61°N/longitude 4W;latitude 62N/ longitude 3W; to the north by latitude 62°N; and including the Kattegat and the Sound and Belt passages."