First Official Signatory State Meeting

The location on the map is approximate!
04 Oct 2010 to 06 Oct 2010
OrganizadorDugong Secretariat, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Instrumento de la CMSDugong
IdiomasEnglish, British
PaisUnited Arab Emirates
CiudadAbu Dhabi


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DM/SS.1/Doc. 1 Provisional Agenda
DM/SS.1/Doc. 2 Annotated provisional Agenda
DM/SS.1/Doc. 3 Provisional Schedule (rev 2)
DM/SS.1/Doc. 4 List of Documents
DM/SS.1/Doc. 5 Report of the Secretariat: Establishment and Operations
DM/SS.1/Doc. 6 Report of the Secretariat: MoU Implementation Activities
DM/SS.1/Doc. 7 Small Scale Funding Programme
DM/SS.1/Doc. 8 Alliances, Synergies and Complementary Activities
DM/SS.1/Doc. 9.1 Consideration of the Need and Definitions of Sub-regional Groupings
DM/SS.1/Doc. 9.2 National Reports: Revision of a Draft Template
DM/SS.1/Doc. 10 Standardised Dugong Catch/Incidental Catch Survey Tool
DM/SS.1/Doc. 11 Progressing Dugong Conservation
DM/SS.1/Doc 12 Consideration of the Need and Options to Progress a Technical Advisory Group
National Report from Signatories - Australia
National Report from Signatories - France (New Caledonia)
National Report from Signatories - Bangladesh
National Report from Signatories - Myanmar
National Report from Signatories - Philippines
National Report from Signatories - Palau
National Report from Signatories - Thailand
National Report from Signatories - France (Mayotte)