3rd Meeting on International Cooperation on Migratory Sharks under the Convention on Migratory Species

The location on the map is approximate!
10 Feb 2010 to 12 Feb 2010
Instrumento de la CMSSharks
TipoNegotiation Meeting

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UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.1 CMS Convention Text and Appendices
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.2 Migratory Sharks: Excerpt from CMS COP 9.2 (Priorities for CMS Agreements)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.3 CMS COP Resolution 9.18 (By-catch)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.4 CMS COP Recommendation 8.14 (By-catch)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.5 CMS COP Recommendation 8.16 (Migratory Sharks)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.6 Migratory Sharks: Excerpt from CMS COP Resolution 8.5 (Implementation of Existing and Development of Future Agreements)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.7 CMS COP Recommendation 7.2 (Implementation of Resolution 6.2 on By-catch)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.8 CMS COP Resolution 6.2 (By-catch)
UNEP/CMS/MS3/Inf.9 Report of the Meeting to Identify and Elaborate an option for International Cooperation on Migratory Sharks, Rome, Italy, 6-8 December 2008