MOU Action Plan

There are two species of gorillas recognized by CMS, divided geographically by more than 1000km: the Western and Eastern Gorilla, each with two subspecies. The four subspecies vary considerably in terms of threats and conservation needs, therefore individual Action Plans have been adopted under the Gorilla Agreement for each subspecies. As new Action Plans become available from the international scientific community, such as IUCN/SSC primate Specialist Group, they will be adopted by the Agreement.

As per Resolution 3.1 of the Third Meeting of the Parties (MOP3) held in Entebbe, Uganda in June 2019, Parties implement the Gorilla Agreement through the four sub-species Action Plans:

Key objectives of the Action Plans include:

  • monitoring of gorilla populations and threats
  • strengthening law enforcement and anti-poaching measures
  • improving habitat protection and corridor development
  • strengthening disease management
  • promotion of alternative sources of income to forest/gorilla overexploitation, including ecotourism
  • awareness raising and educational campaigns
  • building international collaboration between range states
  • integration of the Gorilla Agreement mandates into national legislation
  • development of national strategies for gorilla conservation.