Western Pacific

Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Freshwater Aquatic, Terrestrial and Avian Migratory Species in the Asia and Pacific Region

This study identifies the impacts of plastic pollution on land and freshwater migratory species protected by the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).

The CMS report is the result of a collaboration between CMS and the UN Environment Programme as part of the Japan-funded CounterMEASURE II project to identify sources and pathways of plastic pollution in river systems in Asia.

31 August 2021

Campaigners condemn killing of minke whale trapped in nets in Japan

Animal killed with what appeared to be exploding harpoon, after one ‘half-hear

11 January 2021

Minke whale trapped in nets in Japan for two weeks

Animal rights groups demand animal’s release but locals claim its size and str

07 January 2021

Port Fairy's migratory short-tailed shearwaters rally after mass deaths halve colony

A bird colony that migrates from Alaska to south-west Victoria to breed, appea

04 January 2021

Hundreds of volunteers are helping to map the Great Barrier Reef

Hundreds of volunteers are helping to map the Great Barrier Reef.  A

11 December 2020

It might be the world's biggest ocean, but the mighty Pacific is in peril

The Pacific Ocean is the deepest, largest ocean on Earth, covering about a thi

07 December 2020

De nombreux «dauphins pilotes» meurent échoués en Nouvelle-Zélande

Près d'une centaine de «dauphins pilotes» sont morts en s'échouant sur les île

25 November 2020

More than 120 whales die in mass stranding on Chatham Islands

Ninety-seven whales died and dozens more had to

25 November 2020

Un ejército de tortugas, capturado con drones, se dirige a la Gran Barrera de Coral

Desde lo alto, el mar azul parece estar salpicado de pequeños puntos blancos.

19 November 2020

El extraordinario viaje del ave que voló de Alaska a Nueva Zelanda en 11 días sin descansar

Un macho de aguja colinegra, marcado con un emisor, recorrió 12.200 kilómetros

28 Octobre 2020