West Africa

A crime against nature’: Sale of African elephants linked to corruption, critics fear

Numbers in Namibia are already falling, and auctioning 170 could worsen conflict with humans, experts say 

08 February 2021

Ivory Coast creates first marine protected area

The MPA will cover 2,600km 2 (1,000 square miles) of pristine ocean off the co

07 January 2021

Ivory Coast creates first marine protected area

Ivory Coast has announced the creation of its first Marine Protected Area (MPA

21 December 2020

Baby chimp gives hope for Guinea’s famous ape tribe

A dwindling tribe of chimpanzees in Guinea that gained global fame for uncanny

26 November 2020

Petit à petit, la tortue refait son nid sur les plages du Sénégal

En limitant les activités humaines, les mesures de restriction liées au Covid-

21 November 2020

Cámaras trampa registran por primera vez a una especie de gorila que se creía extinta

Solo quedan unos 300 gorilas occidentales del Río Cro

11 November 2020

What makes chimps unique? Candid Animal Cam meets our close relatives

Chimps are part of the great ape family which include

10 November 2020

ICC joins The Lion’s Share Fund to harness private sector leadership to protect wildlife habitats

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) will help advance the aims of The Lion’s Share

05 November 2020

How Cabo Verde is becoming a safe haven for seabirds

A new network for seabird research and conservation in Cabo Verde is already making an imp

04 November 2020

Un plan décennal espère donner aux chimpanzés une chance de survie

Les chimpanzés d’Afrique de l’Ouest sont l’espèce la plus menacée des quatre s

20 Octobre 2020