Indian Ocean

Whale sightings aid quest to protect wildlife in Indian Ocean oasis

Over two weeks at sea, the scientists spotted pilot whales and spinner dolphins, orcas and more.

24 March 2021

India readies blueprint for protecting endangered turtles

Home to four turtle species — olive ridley turtle, green turtle, hawksbill turtle, and leatherback sea turtle, India has finally outlined a blueprint for the protection and conservation of endanger

08 February 2021

A New Population of Blue Whales Was Discovered Hiding in the Indian Ocean

The whales in the group seem to sing a unique so

23 December 2020

Restoring wet meadows to protect the Madagascar pond-heron in Mayotte

Wet meadows are critical reservoirs of biodivers

22 December 2020

Shark fishing bans partially effective: study

Scientists from the University of Exeter, international conservation charity ZS

17 December 2020

Why Mauritius is culling an endangered fruit bat that exists nowhere else

The endangered Mauritius fruit bat is once again the centre of a controversial

27 November 2020

Satellite-tagged Falcons reach Somalia from Manipur

The Amur falcons that left Manipur have already reached their second last dest

25 November 2020

Caring for an endangered visitor

State’s coast has become a preferred nesting gro

23 November 2020

Seychelles: 7 Ways Save Our Seas Is Investigating Nature in Seychelles

Seychelles' rich biodiversity is a goldmine of information for research and con

19 November 2020

Oil spill killing Mauritius coral reef

As controversy continues to surround the experimental

13 November 2020