White storks bred in Oxford released in West Sussex

The white stork is returning to the wild in the south of England for the first time in several hundred years.

13 March 2020

We should stop buying fish until the industry stops slaughtering dolphins


Britain and the EU are complicit in hundreds of deaths a year in their refusal to impose effective rules on commercial fishing

12 March 2020

Sea Watch Foundation survey reveals record numbers of whales and dolphins in UK waters

A nine day survey, by the Sea Watch Foundation during 2019, saw 2,130 sightings across 13

09 March 2020

European Commission launches global coalition for biodiversity

On the occasion of the World Wildlife Day, the European Commission launched today in Monaco a new global coalition for biodiversity.

04 March 2020

Los búhos que han parado la ampliación del estadio de fútbol del Huesca

Las obras, que carecían de licencia, acosaban a una importante colonia de la especie

04 March 2020

Are cities Europe's new biodiversity hotspots?

While rummaging through part of Amsterdam's city park, citizen scientists discovered new insect species.

03 March 2020

Cerco a la venta de animales exóticos en Barcelona

El Ayuntamiento de Ada Colau incrementa las trabas para adquirir especies exógenas

El Pais

22 February 2020

Echouage massif de dauphins sur les côtes françaises

Plus de 600 cétacés ont été retrouvés sur les plages françaises depuis décembre, dont 95 % portent des traces d’accidents de pêche.

22 February 2020

Los atropellos se suman a las causas habituales de muertes de aves

A huge swarm of birds migrating is nothing unusual - flocks can fly thousands of miles undetected.

18 February 2020