Nilsagar in Nilphamari abuzz with migratory birds

Migratory birds start coming to Nilsagar in early November and stay till March-

09 December 2020

Can sting rays and electric rays help us map the ocean floor?

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) in Japan

09 December 2020

In a first, Vij holds waterbird census

For the first time in Vijayawada, a group of nature lovers have launched a bir

07 December 2020

'Message in a bottle' tracks plastic pollution

Electronic tags released in the Ganges river show plastic pollution can travel

02 December 2020

Indian and UK scientists team up to clean Indian coasts

It is now a little less than a year before the Unite

02 December 2020

Flightless birds more common globally before human-driven extinctions

There would be at least four times as many flightless bird species on Earth to

02 December 2020

Cormorants clean up Ganga while wintering in Bijnor

At the onset of winter, hundreds of cormorants flock to the banks of the Ganga

02 December 2020

Dolphins face growing pressure as development eats into Borneo’s interior [Irrawaddy dolphin

Amid the steaming swamps adjoining Borneo’s Mahakam River, a fisherman slows h

02 December 2020

Birds: The envoys of peace

Like in every year, migratory birds have started flying in to Bangladesh.

01 December 2020

MP: Panna national park vultures to be radio-tagged for study

An ambitious project of radio-tagging

30 November 2020