Devastating Impact of Caspian Crisis: Sinking Sea Levels Threaten Biodiversity, Economy and Regional Stability

The water levels of the Caspian Sea will be 9 to 18 meters lower than they are

23 December 2020

60% rise in leopard numbers from 2014 estimates: Prakash Javadekar

The largest number of leopards have been estimat

22 December 2020

Lake nets turn bird graves: Haryana Wildlife removes 30 fishing nets from Najafgarh wetland lake

Even as about 6000 migratory birds have been spotted so far at Najafgarh drain

21 December 2020

Gandoman wetland hosting 30,000 migratory birds

Currently, 50 species of birds live in the wetlands of the province, Shahram A

19 December 2020

Biodiversity threats from ghost fishing gear in the Ganga

The endangered Ganges river dolphin and species of threatened freshwater turtl

18 December 2020

Shark fishing bans partially effective: study

Scientists from the University of Exeter, international conservation charity ZS

17 December 2020

How Bengaluru's artificial lights disturb animals, birds and insects

Bengaluru figures high on the Light Pollution Map, according to a global map d

15 December 2020