Marine mammals

Rare attacks by dolphins on porpoises photographed

Wildlife photographers have recorded two separate attacks by bottlenose dolphins on harbour porpoises in the Moray Firth.

18 May 2018

Madagascar emerges as whale shark hotspot

Large numbers of endangered whale sharks have been sighted in waters off Madagascar.


17 May 2018

The crime scene investigators solving dolphin deaths

Each year, some 600 porpoises, dolphins and whales wash up on UK shores – and these crime scene investigators want to know why.

15 May 2018

Sharks love jazz but are stumped by classical, say scientists

A study at Macquarie University in Sydney found that sharks could recognise jazz – if there was food on offer. 

10 May 2018

Facing extinction, the North Atlantic right whale cannot adapt. Can we?

Once the right whale to hunt, Eubalaena glacialis is now beset by nets, ships and changing seas. We are losing a beautiful beast. 

05 May 2018

Warum Wale keine Taucherkrankheit bekommen

Ein Taucher, der zu schnell aufsteigt, riskiert sein Leben: Sein Blut beginnt zu "kochen". Warum das nicht auch Walen passiert, war bisher ein Rätsel. Jetzt gibt es eine Erklärung.

26 April 2018

Por qué los mamíferos marinos no sufren el mal del buceador

Los cetáceos contraen voluntariamente una parte de sus pulmones

La sangre circula por la zona inferior contraída mientras que en la superior se retiene el oxígeno

26 April 2018

Hope for critically endangered Mekong river dolphins as population increases for first time

After decades of seemingly irreversible decline, results from a WWF and Government of Cambodia census released today show that the population of critically endangered river dolphins in the Mekong h

23 April 2018

Mission to untangle female right whale highlights species' precarious plight

Removing a thick fishing rope from a highly fertile whale’s jaw was a priority for scientists who fear the species may be in terminal decline

22 April 2018

Killer whales seen in river Clyde

Pod of orcas spotted between Dunoon and Gourock, thought to be hunting seals or porpoises

22 April 2018