New Edition of the Year of the Bat Newsletter

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3 August 2012
- The CMS Secretariat is pleased
to announce that the fifth edition of the Year of the Bat
newsletter is now available. The second year of the Year
of the Bat campaign is reaching further and regions of the
world other than Europe, places where bat conservation has
been neglected in part due to lack of financial and human
resources. With CMS leading the campaign in 2012, this year's
editions of the Newsletter have each focused on a particular
region of the world and highlighted the importance of bats
for ecosystem services as well as the challenges they face.

The fifth edition sheds light on the status
of bats in the Asian Pacific region. In addition to a field
a report from CMS Ambassador Ian Redmond, six articles summarize
recent conservation and educational activities of different
bat organizations. Many myths are debunked and interesting
facts are presented about bats with stories from China,
Taiwan, Sumatra and Malaysia down to Australia and New Zealand.

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