High-Density Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting on Dirk Hartog Island, Western Australia

The Western Australian population of loggerhead turtles, Caretta caretta, is recognized as a single genetic stock (Dutton et al. 2002; FitzSimmons et al. 1996; Limpus 2008). Nesting spans approximately 520 km from Steep Point (southwest of Denham) to the Muiron Islands (northeast of Exmouth) (Baldwin et al. 2003). Dirk Hartog Island is close to the southern end of this range.

15 July 2019

Study: Conservation Priorities for Shark and Ray Species included and proposed for inclusion in Annex 1 to the CMS Sharks MOU

The Sharks MOU has defined general objectives for the conservation and management of species and populations listed in Annex 1 of the MOU, which are further detailed in a global Conservation Plan for migratory Sharks (Annex 3 to the MOU).
18 Octubre 2015

Supporting Dugong (and Marine Turtle) Conservation in the Pacific Islands

Initiating activities that directly address the problems and challenges for dugong and turtle conservation in the Pacific Islands, and identifying regional priorities and pilot projects to further dugong and marine turtle conservation in dugong Pacific Island Range States (New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu).

16 July 2018

CMS Dugong MOU Standardised Catch and Bycatch Questionnaire

The Dugong MOU Secretariat provided funding to enable a partnership with the Marine Research Foundation and a team of global experts to develop and implement a Questionnaire which could be implemented at low cost across large geographical areas, and that generates standardised data sets. The Questionnaire was designed to collect data on dugongs, as well as marine turtles and cetaceans, and has resulted in a large data set of dugong numbers and distribution across a significant portion of the dugong’s geographic range.

10 March 2021

Dugong, Seagrass and Coastal Communities Initiative

The Dugong, Seagrass and Coastal Communities Initiative encompasses complementary activities to support the conservation of dugongs and their seagrass habitats throughout the over 40 Range States.

14 March 2014

UN General Assembly Proclaims 3 March as World Wildlife Day

The United Nations is highlighting the intrinsic values and contributions of wild animals and plants, particularly endangered and protected species, by devoting 3 March as ‘World Wildlife Day.’ In

15 January 2014


07 August 2019