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Title Dates Organizer Place URL
UN Environment: 15th Annual Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements, University of Eastern Finland 20.08.2018 Joensuu
9th Meeting of Parties to the Nairobi Convention (COP9) 30.08.2018 Mombasa
Arabian Regional Wetlands Strategy Workshop 01.09.2018 Sharjah
67th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) 03.09.2018 Florianopolis
Central Asia Regional Meeting on Sustainable Wildlife Management 03.09.2018 Bishkek
International Conference on "Progress in Marine Conservation: 25 Years after Rio - reflections on past development and looking ahead" 03.09.2018 Stralsund
First Session: Intergovernmental Conference on an international legally binding instrument under UNCLOS on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (General Assembly Resolution 72/249) 04.09.2018 New York
CAFF Board Meeting 04.09.2018 Dutch Harbor, Alaska
UNCLOS - Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction 04.09.2018 UNCLOS New York
1st Meeting of the AEWA Eurasian Curlew International Working Group 04.09.2018 Aberlady
Eagles of the Palearctic: Study and Conservation – 2nd International Conference 07.09.2018 Altai Kray
African Preparatory Meeting for AEWA MOP7 (Pre-MOP7) 12.09.2018 UNEP/AEWA Secretariat
Film Screening “The Last Animals - a documentary by Kate Brooks” and Panel Discussion 13.09.2018 Bonn
ASCOBANS 24th Advisory Committee Meeting and 7th Meeting of the North Sea Group 24.09.2018 Vilnius
UNGA 73 25.09.2018 New York
CITES 70th Standing Committee 01.10.2018 Sochi
Arctic Migratory Bird Initiative (AMBI) Phase 2 Planning Meeting 07.10.2018 Rovaniemi
EUROBATS 8th Session of the Meeting of Parties (MOP8) 08.10.2018 EUROBATS Secretariat Monte Carlo
2nd Arctic Biodiversity Congress 09.10.2018 Rovaniemi
4th Global Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference 10.10.2018 London
World Migratory Bird Day 13.10.2018 World Migratory Bird Day
World Migratory Bird Day Concert 13.10.2018 Bologna World Migratory Bird Day
CBD Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Capacity-Building Workshop for Northern-Africa and the Mediterranean 15.10.2018 Tangier
2nd Meeting of the Communication Officers of the Secretariats of Biodiversity-related Conventions and UN Environment 19.10.2018 Dubai
Ramsar COP13 21.10.2018 Ramsar Secretariat Dubai Ramsar COP13
CMS Finance and Budget Sub-Committee Meeting 22.10.2018 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Bonn
ENPE Annual Conference: “Protecting habitats and endangered species in Europe through tackling environmental crime” 23.10.2018 Heraklion, Crete
48th Standing Committee Meeting 23.10.2018 UNEP/CMS Secretariat
First Range State Meeting of the Joint CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative (ACI) 05.11.2018 CMS and CITES Secretariats UN Campus
Africa Biodiversity Summit 06.11.2018 CBD Sharm El-Sheikh CBD
CBD COP14: 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity 17.11.2018 CBD Sharm El-Sheikh
Bern Convention: 38th Standing Committee Meeting 27.11.2018 Strasbourg
AEWA 7th Meeting of Parties (MOP7) 04.12.2018 AEWA Secretariat/Department of Environmental Affairs Durban AEWA MOP7
EAAFP (East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership): 10th Meeting of Partners 09.12.2018
Fish Forum 2018: Forum on Fisheries Science in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 10.12.2018 Rome
Sharks MOS3 - 3rd Meeting of the Signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks 10.12.2018 CMS Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
3rd Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG3) to the CMS Raptors MOU 12.12.2018 Sempach
UNEA 4 11.03.2019 Nairobi
ASCOBANS: Jastarnia Group Meeting 18.03.2019
IPBES-7 Plenary 29.04.2019 IPBES Secretariat Paris
CITES: 18th Meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP18) 23.05.2019 Colombo
Second Indian Ocean Cetacean Symposium 30.06.2019
4th Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council 04.11.2019 UNEP/CMS Secretariat UN Campus
2nd World Marine Mammal Conference 08.12.2019 Barcelona
CMS COP13 15.02.2020 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Gandhinagar, Gujarat