South Pacific

UAE’s ‘Dugong diplomacy’ helps improve fish stocks in 40 nations

“Dugong diplomacy,” an international effort strongly supported by the UAE to conserve the iconic marine animal, is expected to improve fish stocks in 40 nations across the globe.

13 March 2017

Twenty-three countries unite in Abu Dhabi to conserve the dugong

ABU DHABI - Delegates from 23 of the 40 countries that the dugong calls home have gathered in the capital to find better ways to protect the illusive sea animal.

13 March 2017

Opinion: Loss of Seagrass Meadows Threatens their Dugong Denizens

Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudiis, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, and Dr. Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of CMS, collaborated on an Op-Ed highlighting the need for seagrass conservation and its impact on marine life around the globe.

13 March 2017

Whales do not catch colds, but they do get snotty blowholes

Their nostrils can be wide enough for a person to stick their head in, so their sneezes should be truly spectacular.

08 March 2017

Neuseeland warnt vor explodierenden Walkadavern

Mehr als 600 Wale sind in Neuseeland gestrandet, Hunderte sind verendet. Die Kadaver könnten nun zur Gefahr werden - sie drohen zu explodieren.

13 February 2017

Mehr als 200 Wale gelangen wieder ins Meer

200 der gestrandeten Wale an der Küste Neuseelands sind vorerst gerettet. Nun kämpfen Helfer um das Überleben der verbleibenden 17 Tiere.

12 February 2017

New Zealand whales: Hundreds refloat on high tide at Farewell Spit

More than 200 whales stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand on Saturday have refloated themselves and returned to sea.


12 February 2017

Encallan unas 200 ballenas más en Nueva Zelanda pese a esfuerzos de los voluntarios

Unas 200 ballenas piloto han encallado este sábado en Farewell Spit, en Nueva Zelanda, pese a los esfuerzos de centenares de voluntarios, u

11 February 2017

Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach

Volunteers in New Zealand are racing to rescue survivors after more than 400 pilot whales beached themselves.


10 February 2017

Mehr als 400 Wale stranden in Neuseeland

Es ist eines der schlimmsten Walsterben in der Geschichte Neuseelands: Nachdem rund 275 Grindwale nach einer Strandung bereits verendet sind, versuchen Hunderte Helfer, die überlebenden Tiere zu re

10 February 2017