South-East Asia

Increased use of snares in Southeast Asia driving extinction crisis, scientists warn

An extinction crisis is emerging in Southeast Asia due to an increase in snares that are wiping out wildlife in unprecedented numbers.

25 January 2017

‘Too rare to wear’: new campaign targets tourists to end Hawksbill turtle trade

The campaign aims to help people learn about turtleshell souvenirs and how to avoid buying them while traveling in Latin America and the Caribbean.

09 January 2017

Cities Provide Refuge for Threatened Species

Poached nearly to extinction, rare and threatened birds and animals have found refuge in cities like Hong Kong, introduced to urban centers or wilderness areas outside their natural ranges.

08 January 2017

Southeast Asia is in the grip of a biodiversity crisis

Even as new species are found, the region is under serious threat with some places projected to lose up to 98% of their rainforests in nine years

06 January 2017

New Mekong River initiative will highlight values of biodiversity, ecosystems

With 60 million people depending on its aquatic resources for food and livelihoods, the lower Mekong River Basin is threatened by rapid development that would adversely affect the people and wildli

15 December 2016

La lucha por la tierra acabó con la muerte de 176 activistas en 2016

La lucha por el territorio y los recursos ha provocado un aumento de la violencia en diversas partes del mundo, donde unas 176 personas, principalmente agricultores, indígenas y ab

12 December 2016

From loathed to loved: Villagers rally to save Greater Adjutant stork

“Called a prodigy of ugliness” by one ornithologist, this avian scavenger is being championed by local Indian villagers, to everyone’s mutual benefit.

06 December 2016

A data trove to support a hoped-for shark sanctuary in Indonesia

Conservation efforts in the Gili Matra marine preserve are turning this protected area into a safe haven for sharks.

18 November 2016

Move to save Singapore's endangered sea turtles

The gentle sea turtle has long fuelled the imagination, and Singaporeans flock to turtle sanctuaries to catch sight of them.

14 November 2016

Wildlife smugglers using Facebook to sell ivory and rhino horn

An investigation reveals the social media site is acting as a shopfront for a multimillion dollar trade in animal parts, centred in a small village outside Hanoi.

14 November 2016